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MyFamily Wild collection reproduces the world's best-known land and sea animals, down to the smallest detail. An original gift for our four-legged friends, but also for us humans! All the tags - customizable with an engraved phrase - can be used as beautiful key rings, zip pendants, bag or backpack charms and can be personalized with a special dedication, for those we love.


MyFamily Wild Collection展現了世界上最著名陸地和海洋生物。 給我們和愛寵們最原始的禮物。所有的吊飾都可以刻上一個短語,可以用作鑰匙圈吊飾,頸項墜飾,背包飾物,亦可以為紀念日而特別刻上文字。


This product can be customized with 4 lines on the back. Max. 15 characters on each line. Included spacing.

此產品可刻上最多 4 行內容,每行最多15個字母位,包括空䣓



Example 1:

(Use ";" to specify line-end, 在句子後面加上分號 ";" 作換行用)

Entry 輸入: LUCKY;12345678;Home Sweet Home;Love You

Finsih view 完成效果:

  1. LUCKY
  2. 12345678
  3. Home Sweet Home
  4. Love You

(Align Center 文字至中)


Example 2:

(Auto line-end over 15 charaacters, 此例子15個字母後自動換行)

Entry 輸入: LUCKY the bull dog 12345678 back home Love You

Finsih view 完成效果:

  1. LUCKY the bull
  2. dog 12345678
  3. back home Love
  4. You

(Align Center 文字至中)


庫存單位: Z017
    • Don't leave products out under sunshine in a long time or near direct heat
    • Undressing the product from your pet before wash
    • Clean with mild soap and clear water only
    • Air-Dry only
    • Never wash in a laundry machine or dry clean.
  • FREE SHIPPING on any orders over HK$300


    *This site manage by distributor, we only ship to Hong Kong, Macau and China


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